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Monthly Metapost #2

Another month already. I’m happy with how the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule is working: it’s like writing to deadline. That’s part of the point of the exercise, of course - to make writing a discipline, a practice, and to spare myself from some of the paralysis of choice that comes from an open-ended schedule. I’m not good enough to just blog about whatever, whenever. Yet.

  1. Still haven’t finished customizing wordpress - I’m going to have to hit up Stack Overflow for some of my questions, I think, but happily there’s a bunch of WordPress expertise floating around.
  2. Best post last month: Definitely Tablet Signal, Tablet Noise. I can’t believe I end up writing about Apple this much - but the more I think about design, the more Apple fascinates me.
  3. Worst post last month: Probably Windows XP Closure. Stream-of-consciousness junk. There’s probably a good post in that material, but that wasn’t it.

Only 25 posts in? It feels like more. But - step by step is the way. Practice is the way. This project is for the long term, and so I’m building the foundations now. Can’t take shortcuts when building foundations - it’s a bad, bad idea. I at least have the security of previous writing experience telling me that it does get better and easier over time. Right now it’s definitely in the dues-paying stage. I’m also assuming a little extra workload by posting at my college’s blog - that’s interesting, and it makes a good exercise, to write for the audience there and the audience here.