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Home Territory

This is basically the sysadmin equivalent of posting pictures of your cat - but hey, I’m happy with how things are turning out. This is what my home network is going to look like soon - I have to do a few OS installs to get there, that’s all. I’m glad I have MSDN AA access so that I can do all of this legally - having to deal with licensing requirements is something I’m not looking forward to about the Professional World.

I figure that with judicious use of virtualization, I can simulate a rather larger network. I’ll definitely need to simulate a larger network in the course of working with Active Directory and its constellation of interesting features. If so, I’ll have to go back to Gliffy, where I made this, and redo it. Already I’m recalling that I omitted a printer in there - it’s attached to the Ubuntu server, shared with CUPS/Samba, which was not as painful to set up as it might have been.

I’ll know I’m serious about this when I take it to Visio. Visio diagrams make everything serious.